Parish Office-897-9820

Fr. Aaron Ferris, Parish Priest

Jennie Forney, Director of Religious Education

Rhonda Fitzpatrick, Parish Secretary & Business Manager

Stacy Langlois, Administrative Assistant

Roger Southland & Michael Wohlsheid  Maintenance


Finance Council-897-9820

Dr. James Reagan Interim Chairman

Dr. James Chichester

Dr. James Patyi

Michael Schmidt


Parish Liturgy-897-9820

Elizabeth Pfaller (Parish Liturgy Chairperson)

June Serne (Music Director)

Paul Judd (Lector Chairperson)

Sean Coble (Usher Chairperson)

Patty Judd (Scheduling Chairperson)

Rhonda Fitzpatrick (Decorating Chairperson)

Middle School Youth Group-897-9820


Cemetery Custodian-897-9820

Paul Huston

The Baby Pantry of Lowell (formerly St. Mary Pregnancy Center) is now located in the Flat River Outreach building, 11535 E. Fulton St. Lowell, MI 49331