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Marian Festival at St. Mary Church-Lowell
Coming September 6 & 7-Mark Your Calendar
Raffle, Chicken Dinner, Bingo tent-Beer Tent, Kid's games
Fun for Everyone!

St. Mary at 402 Amity Street, Lowell, MI 49331-1308 US - Staff

Main Office
Rhonda Fitzpatrick (Parish Secretary) 616-897-9820
Larry Mikulski (Maintenance and Grounds) -
Monsignor Edward Hankiewicz (Parish Priest) 616-897-9820
Religious Education Office
Preston "Pete" Wiggins (Director of Religious Education) 616-897-7915
Eric Pugh (High School Youth Group Leader) 616-813-4581
Parish Pastoral Council
Eric Pugh (Pastoral Council Chairperson) -
Eric Krieger -
Mike Organek -
Wendy Alderink -
Richard Noskey -
Lisa Mills -
Finance Council
Brian Doyle (Chairman) -
Dave Carstens -
Laura Lindstrom -
Dr. James Reagan -
Dr. James Chichester -
Parish Liturgy
Elizabeth Pfaller (Parish Liturgy Chairperson) -
June Serne (Music Director) -
Paul Judd (Lector Chairperson) -
Sean Coble (Usher Chairperson) -
Melissa Patyi (Decoration & Flower Chairperson) -
Jenny Hunter (Extraordinary Minister Chairperson) -
Patty Judd (Scheduling Chairperson) -
Cemetery Custodian
James Francis -
St. Mary Pregnancy Center
Michele Misiak (Director) -
Parish Social Committee
Craig & Julie Teachworth -
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