402 Amity Street, Lowell, MI 49331, Parish Priest, Monsignor Edward A. Hankiewicz

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Located in the heart of Lowell, just two blocks north of Main Street and two blocks west of Hudson.

402 Amity Street, Lowell, MI 49331 

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The History of St. Mary Church in Lowell

Prior to 1879 the Holy Mass in Lowell was celebrated in private homes, or the faithful traveled to St. Patrick's in Grattan to be served.

In 1878, Rev. James Savage of Parnell appointed John Giles, John Flanagan, George Wilhelm, and Allan Brown to serve on a building committee so the people of Lowell could have their own place of worship.  The committee experienced much generosity from the 13 original families because the next year in June 1879 the cornerstone was blessed and the new church was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.  It cost around $3,300 and was large enough to seat up to 200 people.

Before October 1927, when Rev. Robert Bogg became Lowell's first resident pastor, St. Mary's was a mission church and was served by priests from Maple Valley, Greenville, and finally the Reverend Faculty from St. Joseph's Seminary in Grand Rapids.  In 1927 a rectory was acquired.  Since that time priests have been in residence.

In 1932 two stained glass windows were donated by Bertha Schival in memory of her parents, Mary and Thomas Doyle.  These stained glass windows are still part of the new St. Mary Church building which was completed in April of 1980. They are inset into the two oak doors of the entrance to the nave as you enter from the narthex.  Another stained glass piece can be seen in the 24 hour Adoration Chapel.