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SCRIP…What is it and how can I participate?

SCRIP is a gift card program that allows you to purchase prepaid gift cards at face value and the church receives a commission for handling the orders and delivering the cards. The proceeds from the program go to support our High School Youth Group, specifically to defer some of the costs related to the annual weekend retreat at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. Orders are taken at the beginning of each month and must be prepaid. There are over 500 participating business retailers and they can be found listed at www.shopwithscrip.com (at the bottom of the page under "quick links"). All it takes is a little planning ahead and you can help out the Youth Group

at no financial cost to you!

As an example, if you spend $100 per week at

Meijer and you participated in the SCRIP program you would earn the youth group $156 annually. If you spend $200 per week, $312 would go to support the youth group. If you prefer Spartan stores, $100 per week would provide $104 annually.

Another example would be fuel for our cars…if you spend $50 per week at

Speedway, the program would benefit $104 annually. For folks that are on the road a lot, $100 a week in purchases would be a $208 benefit. Again, all at no cost to you other than paying with a prepaid gift card instead of cash or credit card. There are other fuel suppliers that participate (Shell, Marathon & BP) but at a lower % than what Speedway pays.

If you enjoy eating out there are many local restaurants that participate. If you average $25 per week in dining at many of the upscale casual places in the area the benefit would be

$65 annually.

Do you have a home improvement project planned for this summer? Paying for a $500 project from Lowe’s using SCRIP will provide $20 in funding to the program; a $5000 project would be $200.

Family and friends live out of town? Gift cards are easy to send in the mail and the youth group can benefit from your purchases. Please try the program out and find out how easy it is. Orders are taken after Saturday and Sunday Masses once a month and are available to pick up after mass the following weekend. Check the Bulletin and Mass Announcements for Scrip order dates.