402 Amity Street, Lowell, MI 49331, Parish Priest, Monsignor Edward A. Hankiewicz

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Parish Office-897-9820

Fr. Aaron Ferris, Parish Priest

Jennie Forney, Director of Religious Education

Rhonda Fitzpatrick, Parish Secretary & Business Manager

Stacy Langlois, Administrative Assistant

Heather Dilly, Custodian

Roger Southland & Michael Wohlsheid, Maintenance


Finance Council-897-9820

Dr. James Reagan Interim Chairman

Dr. James Chichester

Dr. James Patyi

Michael Schmidt


Parish Liturgy-897-9820

Elizabeth Pfaller (Parish Liturgy Chairperson)

June Serne (Music Director)

Paul Judd (Lector Chairperson)

Sean Coble (Usher Chairperson)

Patty Judd (Scheduling Chairperson)

Rhonda Fitzpatrick (Decorating Chairperson)


Barb Vezino, Middle School Youth Group-897-9820

Jennie Forney, High School Youth Group-897-9820

Paul Huston, Cemetery Custodian-897-9820

The Baby Pantry of Lowell (formerly St. Mary Pregnancy Center) is now located in the Flat River Outreach building, 11535 E. Fulton St. Lowell, MI 49331