402 Amity Street, Lowell, MI 49331, Parish Priest, Monsignor Edward A. Hankiewicz

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Doughnut & Coffee Hour

Key:  Pick up church key from the office Monday through Thursday 8:00-4:30 p.m.  The office is closed on Fridays.  When you pick up the key go into the PLC kitchen to make sure you have enough supplies (paper goods, coffee, condiments, etc).  If the tables and chairs are not set up, you will need to set them up. 

Doughnut Order: you will need to order 10 dozen doughnuts from Meier by Friday afternoon as they must have a 24 hour notice. Pick-up is Sunday morning at your convenience. You may also pick up orange juice, milk, and some fruit. There should be no tax charged as we are tax exempt. Please keep the receipt as that will need to be turned into the parish office. Please turn in your receipt and any money collected for donations.  You will be reimbursed the amount of the receipt.  Make sure your name is clearly written on the receipt. If you prefer to donate the amount of the receipt to your tithe please make note of that. 

Coffee: The instructions for making coffee are next to the coffee machine. Basically, make sure all water is drained from the spickets by placing a container underneath to catch any water. Turn the machine to on. Turn the brew dial to Day all the way up.  It takes one hour for the coffee machine to heat up to full brew (green zone on gauge). Put a filter in the basket on top of the machine-making sure the filter wire sits inside of the filter securely so that coffee grounds do not get into the machine when the force of the water goes into the basket.  Open a bag of coffee (either half or full bag). Coffee and filters are in the cupboard below the machine. If you are using a full bag of coffee put the switch on full, it half bag, put the switch on half. Swing the coffee spigot on top of the coffee filter basket so it is centered on the hole. Once the water if fully heated to brew (the gauge) push the silver lever down one time and one time only.  It takes a second for the water to start streaming out and it is hot.  Don't push the button down twice or two pots of water will come out. When you are done for the day. drain out any remaining coffee into a big container and pour it out in the kitchen sink. Take the coffee/filter basket out and dump out the grounds, but be careful not to throw away the metal filter holder  Rinse the metal filter holder and coffee basket and put it back on top of the machine. turn the brew dial to off or night and then turn the machine off.  A red light will stay on because the machine is plugged in all the time.